Igtools net- Increase followers, likes, reel views, comments, story views.

About Igtools net –

Igtools is an online platform to increase Instagram likes, story views, and followers for free, with login. It’s a third-party website not regulated by Instagram authorities, and this website started to give free services to fellows. 

Igtools net is a free website to increase Instagram likes, views, and followers. 

You can quickly increase the views, followers, comment likes, live views, etc., with the help of this online tool. It got more hype because adults over Instagram for their quick and instant fame. 

It’s not good to use services like this; your data gets breached in most cases, and you’re always at risk of getting banned by Instagram and data leakage. 

Services available at igtools net 

  • Poll votes
  • Likes
  • Igtools net like
  • Igtools followers
  • Igtools net story views
  • Saves
  • Comment Likes
  • Video Views
  • Live views
  • Emoji Comments

How to increase likes, followers, reel views, story views for Instagram

Use an organic way to boost the reach of your Instagram account; try not to visit igtools-net. It’s very risky and illegal to do that.

  1. Use proper hashtags for reels, posts, and IGTV.
  2. Engage with the people over Instagram profile by commenting and liking their posts.
  3. Use Instagram promotions to reach the audience of your niche.
  4. Upload your content consistently.
  5. Create and post a new reel every alternate day to grow organically.

For Igtools-net, you need to create an account over igtools net and login, to use their services. This is entirely not advisable to use these services because of illegal attempts.

Some adverse disadvantages of using third-party websites like Igtool. net

  • Your account goes into shadow-ban mode.
  • Organic reach for posts and accounts will reduce drastically.
  • The followers or likes, which get increased through these websites, will disappear more and more every day.
  • Risk of the account getting disabled or completely banned.

Is it safe to access igtools-net?

No, if you use any third-party website to grow your Instagram followers, story views, likes, or comments.

  • You are always at a risk that your account could get banned.
  • In the eyes of Instagram, it is illegal to increase likes, followers, etc., So try not to go for these third-party websites or softwares. 
  • You are risking your account getting banned or disabled.

Website Statistics 

Website is very popular among the instagramers; it helps you to increase followers, likes quickly.

Total traffic 1.3 Million

Traffic value 16.4k $


It’s illegal to use third-party websites as per Instagram rules and regulations. Do not go to this kind of third-party website or softwares. You are risking your phone data and social media account to get banned. Stay away from these types of igtools net kind of websites. Try to for organic Instagram promotions through Facebook ads manager.

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